Monday, April 22, 2013

BOOK MARKS!!!! What an amazing gift for those book lovers who want a sweet keepsake! We have endless options of what we can put on these cuties. The first book mark has her son and husband's name and the word LOVE hand stamped on two disks paired with a red stone and a small cross. Second book mark has become one of my favorites! I hand stamped a large script "C" for her last name. In lowercase I put her 6 children's initials around it. Who can forget the dogs?! On the top disk we put the 3 dogs names paired with a light blue stone and a cross. Lastly, this sweet gift has "Bon Bon" which is what her grandkids call her. A Sterling Silver disk has a three grandkids initials along with a key and an amythest birth stone.

This necklace warms my heart every time I see it. I was honored to create this special piece for such a special person. I hand stamped her remembered parents initials on a small rectangle brass disk. I also hand stamped her new baby's initials on a round 14K filled disk. Finishing it off with the color of the year, Emerald. All these heart filled disks hang on a 18" 14K filled chain.
Can you say Best Husband AWARD!!! This sweet husband called me and wanted to surprise his wife with her first anniversary gift. We chose to do a longer 30" antiqued silver necklace with a layered mixed metal look. A delicate little citrine is the perfect finish to this uniquely chunky necklace. She LOVED it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ok, so these are a few options that I made for my mom's necklace. She wanted it mixed metals and very rustic looking. The bird necklace is a sweet little way to camouflage one's information but still looking adorable enough that your loved one wants to wear it. I personally love the second necklace with the blue jade stone! It hangs from the clasp and looks really trendy with the wire wrapping and I also love the long length of it. The third necklace is for those who want the "ALZ" disk on a necklace. All three of these necklaces have a name, address, and birthdate. All the information a family member needs to have on them. My mom doesn't carry a purse, wallet, or cell phone anymore. If she gets separated from one of us or her caretaker, having this information on her gives us such piece of mind. Lastly, I wanted to add this picture of mom after I gave her the necklace. She was so happy to wear it. She had tears in her eyes because she thought it was so pretty. It was so heart warming to see her excited about her new necklace. My mom has always been a jewelry lover and it saddens me that her diamond necklace is now replaced by crucial information but the reality is that she needs this information on her for god forbid a separation situation. As much as it saddens me it also makes me feel so good to be able to design a custom necklace for her.

Ok so the necklace below has a blue jade stone hanging...but I wanted to show everyone some of the other stones you can pick from. I love them all and would look great with any metal you choose!!!

This is such a sweet necklace that I might be obsessed with. This necklace is on a 18" 14K gold filled chain with a blue jade stone and my favorite antiqued disk. I love simple and delecate when it comes to everyday jewelry. This is the kind of necklace that you can layer with a longer necklace to make more of a statement. I can add any one initial and also change the kind of stone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is a necklace that I just finished for Robyn! This was designed with her three children's initials on a antiqued brass disk. I added her wedding anniversary on an antiqued silver disk. I also attached a cute birdie and a natural stone to make it a unique fun necklace that anyone can wear. I can add a child's birthdate instead of anniversary date if desired. I just placed an order for some gorgeous stones that I will hand wrap in gold or silver so I will be posting stone options when those arrive! So Excited! 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association to help fund research for a cure.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! My new year's resolution is to focus on this jewelry line and make meaningful pieces for the families who need them. So here is my first cute necklace! YAY! I can add a loved one's name, address, birth date, birthstone, or any other information needed.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why you might ask???

Why am I doing this project?  For my mom and others with Early onset Alzheimer's now and in the future.  I feel like there are so many families out there who are on the same journey we are on.  A journey that as a family we are taking one day at a time.  A journey that no one could prepare us for...a journey that we didn't know could affect someone so young.
For the past 3 years our family has done walks, tailgates, and donations to help Alzheimer's but over all I have been keeping a lot of my feelings in.  I didn't really want people to know what my mother is going through.  I didn't want to even talk about it at times.  I think it's time that we all talk about it because keeping it in isn't helping my mom and others like her.  I think it's time to spread the awareness that this could affect individuals before they even become grandparents.  Below are just a few facts about Early-onset Alzheimer's that people might not know.

-Early-onset Alzheimer's is an uncommon form of dementia that strikes people younger than age 65.  Of all the people who have Alzheimer's disease, only about 5 percent develop symptoms before age 65. So if 4 million Americans have Alzheimer's, at least 200,000 people have the early-onset form of the disease. Early-onset Alzheimer's has been known to develop between ages 30 and 40, but that's very uncommon. It's more common to see someone in his or her 50s who has the disease.
So this leaves 200,000 people who have this early form and who are still social, working, parents who might still be raising kids.  These are people who still like to dress themselves, get their hair done, nails done, and be the established adult that they've worked so hard to become.  This is where I found my passion.  My mom still loves to wear her jewelry and look like a beautiful 59 year old women.  I have been trying to find a necklace or bracelet that has her information in case she or someone else needs it.  Something that doesn't make her look like a lost puppy with a dog tag.  Something that doesn't make her feel incompetent.  Something beautiful.  That's why I am making her a Guardian Necklace.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

About Me

Welcome to my blog...this is my first post and I couldn't be more excited about sharing my new project and passion with you.  My name is Rikki and I've been married to the most fantastic man for 5 years!  We have a beautiful and sassy daughter who is the love our our lives...we are kinda obsessed!  I'm starting this blog and the Guardian Jewelry line for my sweet mother Janice who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's 3 1/2 years ago at age 56.  She has always been an extremely strong and independent women who raised 4 kids on her own and ran her own business at the same time.  We have watched this heart breaking disease change her into a women who is now 100% dependent on her "sent from heaven" husband, caretaker, and family.  She has sadly reached the point where she could easily become physically separated from one of us and it would make me feel better if I new she was safe no matter what might happen in the future.  This is why I wanted to create a jewelry line that she can wear and it can give us all peace of mind that she will have the information she needs in case of an emergency situation.